Let Hygiena Simplify Your Environmental Monitoring Program


Collect, analyze and report on data from a variety of test devices on a single luminometer with cloud-based analytics!

Reduce the number of errors during sample collection and luminometer usage.

EnSURE® Touch is designed like a smartphone and can be learned quickly by anyone. Our test devices require one-hand operation leaving less room for error.

Simplify your comprehensive environmental monitoring program by running multiple tests on one system.

Collect ATP, Indicator Organism, Pathogen, Enzyme, and Allergen data using EnSURE® Touch and SureTrend Cloud software.

Reduce the time you spend waiting on all environmental monitoring results.

Receive ATP test results in 10 seconds, allergen results in 10-30 minutes and indicator organism results in 6-8 hours, all recorded on the same instrument. 

Never put your quality control program at a halt.

Never worry about backorders on diagnostics tests or limited supplies. Plus, receive quick response from a global network of experts supporting your business.

Gain actionable insights from your data automatically, on the cloud.

Analyze data in real time for complex data sets with EnSURE Touch's integrated software SureTrend Cloud.

Reduce downtime by checking the calibration on your luminometer on your own time.

Run calibration checks with Hygiena's CalCheck anytime, anywhere.

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