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EnSURE™ Touch is the smartest AOAC Validated Sanitation Monitoring System available. It provides rapid and accurate sanitation verification to support your food safety program. EnSURE™ Touch is designed to adapt to your workplace, providing the data you need for complex multi-location supply chain monitoring, audit and risk management,
and recall prevention.

Best Design

Best Tests

Best Software

Best Support

Performance Tested.

EnSURE Touch has AOAC Validation. 
Validation by the AOAC-Research Institute (AOAC-RI) means that the claims made by the manufacturer have been verified and the product performs as promised.

After conducting trials around the world with food and beverage processors, EnSURE Touch was unanimously found to be the favorite sanitation monitoring system.

Beautifully Designed. With You in Mind.

No more hard to read screens, frustrating navigation, and unresponsive buttons.
EnSURE Touch uses apps and is designed just like your smartphone to let you touch, scroll, type, edit, run reports,
and see trends directly on the handheld.

Testing Made Easy

Hard to reach surfaces, multiple material types,
and harsh chemical sanitizers don't stand a chance.

Hygiena's all-in-one test devices are easy to use,
maximize sample collection, and are cost-effective.

Using UltraSnap with the EnSURE Touch can
save any sanitation program time and supplies
by verifying whether a surface has been cleaned
properly and is safe to resume production - in just 10 seconds.

Like Nothing Else.
Rapid Micro Made Easy.

EnSURE Touch is the only AOAC validated sanitation monitoring system that tests for Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli, Coliform, and Total Viable Count.

Providing results in the same shift, alerting you earlier when problems arise.

Reduce Materials

No serial dilutions to make
Fewer replicates required

Eliminate Lab Costs

Reduce lab fees
No expensive overnight shipping

Reduce Inventory Costs

Shorter product hold time
Less inventory in warehouse

Secure Actionable Data.
Accessible Anywhere.

Hygiena’s SureTrend Cloud Data Analysis platform allows you to monitor data from all your critical control points to all your operations world-wide on one dashboard. Making risk management decisions in real-time to maximize productivity and profit has never been easier.

Global. Direct Support. Seriously.

Hygiena's global support network is available 24/7. With over 400 employees world-wide, customers receive the best customer support, no matter the time or day.

EnSURE Touch has built-in screen sharing capabilities that allow for remote support directly on the device. Once connected with a Hygiena Support Representative, you will have the ability to securely share your device's screen, allowing the representative to offer
rapid and targeted support, limiting downtime.

Trade Up. Trade In.

Have an old Hygiena meter or a different brand? No problem! Contact us about trading in or trading up to the revolutionary EnSURE Touch.

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