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Break Free of the Limitations of Outdated Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Outdated Approaches:

Delayed results disrupting production
Manual processes prone to errors
Fragmented data restricting insights
Blind spots across facilities
Reactive approaches leaving you vulnerable
Disjointed systems complicating compliance
Inefficient workflows driving up costs

Hygiena's Modern Approach:

Rapid results accelerating production
Simplified workflows boosting efficiency
Unified data providing complete insights
Full visibility across all sites
Proactive monitoring enabling quick risk assessment
Integrated solutions easing compliance
Optimized processes reducing costs

Rapid Results for All Your Environmental Monitoring Testing Needs


Indicator Organism Testing

Get rapid, on-site results detecting bacteria like, E. coli, coliforms and other indicator organisms within hours to enable timely process control and batch release decisions.

MicroSnap® Total, EB, Coliform, E. coli, 

microsnap total swab
microsnap eb swab
microsnap coliform swab
microsnap e.coli swab


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ATP Cleaning Verification

Instantly verify cleaning effectiveness by detecting ATP from food surface or water in seconds with user-friendly swabs and luminometer.

UltraSnap®, SuperSnap®, AquaSnap® TOTAL and FREE

ultrasnap swab test
supersnap swab test
aquasnap total swab
aquasnap free swab


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Allergen and Protein Detection

Our comprehensive allergen testing portfolio includes highly sensitive ELISAs, rapid lateral flow devices, and PCR-based assays to quickly detect an extensive range of food allergens in the environment and prior to product release. 

GlutenTox® Pro, GlutenTox® ELISA, AllerSnap®, AllerTox® Sticks, AllerTox® ELISA, AllerFlow®, Pro-Clean®,foodproof®

allerflow gluten swab, AllerTox and GlutenTox Pro


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Pathogen Testing

Detect Salmonella, Listeria and other pathogens in environmental samples rapidly following enrichment using our real-time PCR assays.

InSite® Salmonella, Listeria and L. mono,
BAX® System, foodproof®

Insite swabs and BAX Devices


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Enzyme Testing

Our enzymatic test rapidly detects ALP activity in dairy products within minutes to confirm proper pasteurization.

ZymoSnap ALP and ZymoSnap Positive Control, SpotCheck Plus, CrossCheck

zymosnap, spotcheck plus, crosscheck

Sample Collection

Standardized sampling kits prevent cross-contamination while optimizing sample recovery for reliable data collection.

Sponge’n Bag, Stick Sponge





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Unify Your Environmental Monitoring Program on One Connected Platform

Hygiena transforms outdated approaches and delivers an integrated, data-centric ecosystem that unifies all aspects of
your environmental monitoring program.

Environmental Monitoring infographic

EnSURE® Touch All-in-one Luminometer

Intuitive. Rapid. Connected. Welcome to the next generation of diagnostics.

Our EnSURE Touch smart luminometer consolidates ATP, rapid indicator organism, allergen detection and more on an easy-to-use platform – eliminating the need to manage excessive steps and equipment.  

ensure touch with grey competitor instruments
precision accuracy targets

SureTrend® Data Analytics

Manage all your food safety data in a single platform.

SureTrend seamlessly integrates results from EnSURE Touch, BAX® System and any external data sources. Robust analytics, custom reports, and user-friendly dashboards enable in-depth analysis and actionable insights for your operational success. Sign up for free and start exploring today!

SureTrend on laptop and ipad

Realize Substantial Savings with The Hygiena® Solution

With cutting-edge technology and simplified workflows, Hygiena’s EM solution drive substantial savings on downtime, labor, systems, reagents, third-party costs, logistics and risks.

  • Efficiency improvements optimize operations
  • Lower third-party testing costs
  • Accelerate results to minimize production downtime
  • Automated analysis to cut manual labor costs
  • Eliminate sample transport and logistics costs
  • Reduce risk protection expenses
  • Data unification reduces software systems overhead

Partner with Hygiena to Build a World-class Environmental Monitoring Program

With food safety growing more complex and regulated, having a reliable partner is crucial. Hygiena is leading the charge in this vital arena, by delivering innovative diagnostics and cutting-edge software solutions designed to meet global food safety standards. With a proven track record of providing faster results, easier testing, and cost-effective solutions, Hygiena is the trusted partner of more than 90,000 customers across 98 countries, including 90% of Forbes' largest global food companies.


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