Why choose Quantification?


The BAX® SalQuant™ and CampyQuant™ processes are easy-to-use and affordable solutions that quantify Salmonella and Campylobacter presence providing rapid, actionable decisions for the poultry industry.


Quant Data Management



Integrate Test Results Seamlessly

Simplify data collection by storing all your ATP, PCR and rapid indicator tests in one location, SureTrend® Cloud.


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Hygiena™ is pioneering Quantification of Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Simplified Workflow

Reduce time to results, contamination risks, and labor when compared to traditional MPN and other methods.


Broad Range of Matrices

Provides quantification data that is validated as a unified resource across the poultry production chain from primary production, harvest & processing, final product, and retail to reduce the risk to consumers.

 Actionable Data




What happens when a sample tests positive for Salmonella? How actionable is presence/absence? What if you could know the load of Salmonella in a positive sample within the same shift or day?






The BAX® System SalQuant™ is the first Real-Time PCR application for quantification approved by AOAC-RIPTM. Food safety professionals now have a standardized confirmation method based on quantitative data.



Pinpoint your Salmonella problem.

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