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Why Make The Transition To EnSURE Touch?

For over two decades, Hygiena has been the leading provider of environmental monitoring systems worldwide. With our extensive experience, we have established ourselves as the go-to choice for businesses globally.

EnSURE Touch stands out from the competition as the only luminometer that is as user-friendly as a smartphone. Its intuitive interface makes training your employees on sample collection a seamless process.

Additionally, our cloud-based analytics offer secure and instant visibility into your quality assurance program, just a click away.

Switch to EnSURE Touch and experience the perfect combination of ease of use, reliability, and advanced analytics to elevate your testing procedures to new heights.


How is EnSURE Touch Better Than Its Competitor? 

Your environmental monitoring test results are only as reliable as their luminometer.

EnSURE Touch outperforms all luminometers on the market in Linearity, Repeatability, Sensitivity and Accuracy 

ensure touch with grey competitor instruments
precision accuracy targets

Send In Your Luminometer And Qualify For A FREE* EnSURE Touch.

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Unleash The Power Of The EnSURE Touch and SureTrend With These ATP, Allergen, and Microbial Tests

Consolidate your testing efforts with a true all-in-one solution.


ATP Cleaning Verification

The industry's best-selling ATP test device

ultrasnap swab test

Greater Sensitivity

supersnap swab test

AquaSnap® Total and AquaSnap® Free
Perfect for CIP Process Liquid Sampling

aquasnap total swab
aquasnap free swab

Rapid Indication Organism Testing

MicroSnap® Total, Coliform, E. coli, Enterobacteriaceae
Same day total plate count

microsnap total swab
microsnap coliform swab
microsnap e.coli swab
microsnap eb swab


Rapid Allergen Testing

Capture Allergen tests results on EnSURE Touch

allerflow gluten swab

Visualize Trends Across Multiple Quality Indicator Tests On One Dashboard For Informed Decision-Making.

How Is Test Data Turned Into Actionable Insights?

If you’re currently compiling separate spreadsheets with test results, it’s time to change that! With SureTrend®, manage all your test data in real-time, in one secure location, on the cloud. 

Trend reports and alert notifications will help you stay on top of your quality program.  

Use facility heat maps to visualize ATP results overlayed with microorganism by location to spot trends and prevent problems before they occur. 

How Do I Get Started?

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