Innovate System

Rapid Microbial Screening

 Reduce Inventory. Reduce Risk.

Direct Support Globally

Hygiena's global support network is available 24/7.  You will receive the best support, no matter the time or day.

Loaner units are available to ship overnight so you are always up and running.

Actionable Data
in 30 Minutes
Early Notification of
Contamination Events
Save on
Warehouse Cost
Reduce Inventory
Production Times

Save Time in the Lab

The Innovate system has been designed to reduce labor and provide consistent quality results. 

Test multiple products in the same run

Measure and dispense reagents automatically

Extend reagent shelf life and reduce waste with the on-board cooling system



Cheesy Sauces. Pulpy Juices. Thick Puddings.

Innovate Can Test Them All.

The  Innovate system is flexible and easy to use, even with hard-to-test product types. Our world class applications team is ready to validate your product matrix.

Almond, nut flavored and oat milk

Brewed tea

Broths and soups


Dessert mixes

ESL and UHT milks

Fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates

Ice cream mixes

Infant formulas

Nutritional protein drinks



Soy and rice drinks

Sports drinks

Sweetened cream


Yogurt-based drinks

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